Mike Drew

Mike Drew is a Singer Songwriter born and raised in Northern California where he still lives today with his wife and three children. Mike a self-taught pianist and vocalist began writing songs as early as 15 years old. Baseball, Mike’s first love led him to Eastern Tennessee to attend college at Lincoln Memorial University, in Harrogate where Mike found his true passion of Country Music.

Meeting the likes of Sugarland, Gary Allen and Dierks Bentley in 2003certainly pushed Mike to newer heights with his music. The Mike Drew Band has focused their live shows in San Jose and Los Gatos California and in the Summer of 2019 played in Nashville, Tennessee. Mike has written two (2) country albums and is working on a new album targeted to be released in Jan/Feb 2020.

The Mike Drew Band

FIDDLE: Noah Freedman

Noah Freedman is a violinist and entrepreneur. When he’s not working on his startup, Noah enjoys playing violin in a variety of settings, from jazz and funk to bluegrass and country. Noah grew up in Carmel, California, and learned to improvise with jazz guitarist extraordinaire Bruce Forman. A native of the Monterey Bay, Noah has actively participated in the Monterey Jazz Festival (MJF), and taught jazz strings at the MJF summer camp. Noah currently lives with his fiancé and their 7 succulents in San Jose, CA.


Alexander Govan is a musician both from and currently based out of Northern California. An alumnus of the Monterey Jazz Festival’s High School All-Star Band, The Stanford Jazz Workshop as well as Berklee College of Music, he is currently the lead guitarist and synth wizard for Bay Area Psych-Pop group, Kid Mystic. A longtime educator, Alexander has taught at The Carmel Youth Center, The Monterey Jazz Festival’s Summer Jazz Workshop, and East-West Music & Dance. In 2017 he was hired to coordinate research for the development of the YouTube Music App. No stranger to both the abstract and spiritual realms of improvised and composed music, in his many collaborations and solo projects, Govan aims to impart an impressionistic brand of sound and story influenced by both natural and man-made entities. A new project of unreleased recordings from 2012-2018 is tentatively planned for both physical and online distribution.

BASS: Endika Currier

ENDIKA a.k.a. Andrew Currier is the composer, bassist and driving musical force behind Panthelion and the nu class movement. Panthelion takes its name from an ancient Macedonian word used to describe a temple dedicated to the worship of all Gods which reflects Currier’s music in how it bridges the gap between the concert hall and the street. Currier’s music has been called “The Evolution of Jazz” by the Palo Alto Weekly and has earned Panthelion several weeks in the No.1 position in over 20 international radio markets.

DRUMMER: Evan Bautista

Evan has been drumming in dozens of bands across the bay area and the nation. He has played sold out shows at the Great American Music Hall, the Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles, and headlined Warped Tour, a nation wide tour. He has backed bands on tour such as Stunt Monkey, Kiyoshi Foster and the Animal Party, Tyler Mathew Smith, Ryan Michaels, Blisses B, Silent Envy, and many more. He works with countless others in the studio and filled in for major label musicians while they were on tour in the bay area. Over four years ago Evan decided to give back to his community and teach future generations how to drum.

DRUMMER: Cliff Rawson

Cliff Rawson is a professional musician and teacher with extensive experience as a performer and educator, currently working as Educational Outreach Coordinator and Pianist at Ballet San Jose. I also does grant writing, music curriculum design, music instruction, and mix engineering for Ballet San Jose. He’s a recent New York City transplant, where he worked as a composer and performer, as well as in events promotion, live sound, record production/music editing, record promotion, and national and international booking and tour management for my band Ladycop, which toured Europe three times and America twice under my leadership.


Kenny Schick (Kenneth Martin Schick) is a Music Producer, Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist session musician, Orchestrator / Instrumentation specialist, and solo singer songwriter. He has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered all of Mike Drew’s music.

He works in his own studio Basement3Productions in Nashville Tennessee, (which he started in the Bay Area CA in 2008) and as a consultant producer and mixer in other studios, and goes portable with his rig in various field locations as well. Spending half his time specializing in producing singer songwriters and the other half writing and producing songs, soundtracks and music cues for TV and film.

With over 35 years in the music industry Kenny Schick has 5 solo albums, 3 albums with the duo ArtemesiaBlack and has worked with over 60 well known artists and musicians either working live on stage or in recording sessions. He has worked with great artists such as Grammy winner Bobby McFerrin, Greg Camp from Smashmouth, Charles Gillingham (Counting Crows), Brain (Primus), Arion Salazar (Third Eye Blind), Ray White (Frank Zappa), Judy Mowatt (Bob Marley), Hershel Yatovitz (Chris Isaak), Curveball, David Peel, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, GC Cameron (Temptations/The Spinners), Yami Bolo, Sister Carol, JC Lodge, Pato Baton, Time Spent Driving, The John Singer Band, DubNation, Luciano, to name just a few.

With years of experience in all genres of music in both live and studio contexts, Kenny has a broad palette to work with when it comes to producing and musical arrangements for clients’ songs that would benefit from more lush productions.

Kenny is a highly experienced Session Recording & Live performance Musician – specializing in Saxophone – Electric Guitar – Acoustic Guitar – Flute – Clarinet – Fretless Bass – Vocals – Percussion – Drums.